Zero Waste Hero: An Interview with Vivi (Wandering Wild Home)

November 09, 2019

We are back today visiting Canadian eco-hero Vivi of @wandering_wild_home, who's feed is a constant source of eco inspiration and home to many amazing zero-waste recipes.

Let's find out what makes Vivi tick:


1. Introduce yourself

My name’s Vivi and I run an Instagram Blog called @wandering_wild_home and I'm currently based in Vancouver, Canada. There I share experiences about my low impact journey along with some tips and DIY’s.


2. What motivated you to start your zero-waste journey?

I grew up in a home where sustainable living was one of the core values. Even though I drifted away from it in my adulthood I found myself valuing the same things a few years ago. I wanted to share my passion by educating people about making a change even with the smallest steps in their daily life.


3.     What was the first change you made?

Taking my own bags to the grocery store and keeping a reusable water bottle in my purse.


home made cleaner recipe

image courtesy of Vivi (wondering_wild_home)

 4.     What have you found hardest to give up?

I don’t think of it in that way, For me this kind of lifestyle is not about giving up on anything. It’s about finding alternative solutions to the things I'm already doing, and taking a second to ask yourself if you truly need something.


5.     What's your favourite zero-waste swap?

There are so many but I’d probably pick the safety razor and period cup! They are both great investments for the environment and also financially.


Wandering wild home

image courtesy of Vivi (wondering_wild_home) 

6.     What advice would you give someone just starting out on their zero-waste journey?

 Use up what you have first and make more earth-friendly purchasing choices when you really NEED something. 


 7.     What’s next for you?

My website will be launched soon and I’m working on publishing a book!

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