Zero Waste Hero: An Interview with Stacy Sullivan

October 16, 2019 1 Comment

As a return to our zero-waste hero series, we have non other than  @stacysullivan_ joining us for an interview. We have been following Stacy for a while and have loved watching her audience grow.
Without further ado lets get into the interview:


  1. Introduce yourself:

Hello my name is Stacy Sullivan, I am a mother to a two year old and a wife of 6 years.

I grew up in California but currently reside in south-central Texas.

Pantry perfection
Pantry perfection, picture courtesy of Stacy

  1. What motivated you to start your zero-waste journey?

I was inspired to start my journey last December when I began to take notice of the wasteful patterns we were developing in our home. After seeing a few friends making small steps towards changes, it moved me to do the same.

I think with many things, we become accustomed to living a certain way because of the “norm” of growing up that way but just like everything else, when we become educated on what is happening and things we can do to implement even the smallest of changes, it then transfers into our hearts as a goal to put in the best of our efforts to eliminate what we CAN.

  1. What was the first change you made?

The very first changes I made in my home were those that were daily essentials such as my bathroom items and reusable bags. I am someone who is always on the go and running errands so having reusable bags was an easy switch!

  1. What have you found hardest to give up?

I think if anything, certain bathroom products I had been using for years that worked well with me were the hardest to let go initially, but finding better alternatives made it easier to not really miss those items as much once I adapted to something new!

  1. What's your favourite zero-waste swap?

My favourite zero waste swap would have to be my stainless steel straws and reusable cups (jars) that I bring with me absolutely EVERYWHERE. I literally feel incomplete without these if I go out and forget them!

These are easily the simplest swaps one can make and they make such a big impact!

  1. What advice would you give someone just starting out on their zero-waste journey?

My advice for anyone wanting to start their journey into a lower waste lifestyle will always be to move at YOUR own pace.

I feel that there is so much pressure to be “perfect” in this community and it can oftentimes intimidate others and generate a feeling of not doing enough. I believe that whatever effort is made no matter how small, is VALID.

Perfection will never be obtained and it will only hinder you from enjoying this process.

Align your goals with “why”. Why is it that this matters to you and what can you do to turn those goals into a reality?

Stacy Sullivan
Picture courtesy of Stacy

  1. What's next for you?

For me, I plan to educate my daughter as she is getting older and beginning to truly understand more.

Along with her homeschooling, I plan to have low waste topics as a part of her education process. She is the reason why I do this, to help give her a better future and with her in my mind while practising these better habits, I believe she will be positively impacted as she matured.

  1. Where can people find you?

I am always open to having a conversation with anyone who has questions or just wants to say hello! I am most active in my Instagram account @stacysullivan. You can absolutely find me there and tell me a little about yourself.

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October 21, 2019

Glad this series is back. Agree 100% that it’s important to connect to why we do the things we do. Great to see that other people carry their stainless steel straws with them, too! Awesome interview with Stacy Sullivan.

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