For the second installment of our zero-waste hero series we spoke to non-other than Jo @treesnpeace.

Without further ado lets get into the interview:

1. Introduce yourself 


My name is Jo, I am deeply in love with Planet Earth and want to do everything in my power to preserve it. I live by the mantra: You have two homes, the Earth and your body, take care of them.


2. What motivated you to start your zero-waste journey?


During a stay in the USA, I first saw what “mass consumption” really meant – it was a totally new experience. Looking back, that’s what subconsciously started my zero-waste journey. A couple years later, I stumbled across “Plastic Free July” and started my journey to Plastic Minimalism/ Zero Waste the next day.


3. What was the first change you made?


Growing up, I was always conscious of my consumption. It started when I turned vegetarian at 9 years old, and then vegan in my teens. I’ve always hated shopping, wouldn’t get take-outs and always favoured experiences over materialism.


4. What have you found hardest to give up?


Generally, I don’t feel deprived of anything because I have “given up” something. I think of it as “replacing” unsustainable habits with positive ones. However, I have struggled to get dark leafy greens and salads plastic-free. I love those foods, but having no farmer markets around makes them impossible to get zero-waste. Here, I compromise to only buy these items if they are reduced in the shops.


Treesnpeace Jo in Bulkstore

Image courtsey of Jo


5. What's your favourite zero-waste swap?


It’s so hard to pick, but in my top favourites are my shampoo bars and toothpaste tablets. Knowing I don’t put plastic on my body and prevent micro-plastics to enter my body, as well as the Earth’s water-systems, is super refreshing. I use these products daily, and have saved the world so much harm by these simple switches.


6. What advice would you give someone just starting out on their zero-waste journey?


Collect all your waste for some time (2-4 weeks). This will give you a good overview of where your waste comes from and what you need to adjust.
We all have different lifestyles, so personalising this journey is essential!


7. What's next for you?


I will continue my personal journey to lowering my impact on this planet and share knowledge that I gain along the way. I recently started a sustainability-society at my University and have many campaigns planned. I can’t to wait to see what the future holds!


8. Where can people find you?


You can find me on


Treesnpeace Jo Picking up trash

Image courtesy of Jo

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