For the first in our zero-waste hero series we spoke to non-other than Blue Ollis.

Without further ado lets get into the interview:

1. Introduce yourself 


My name is Blue and I’m a believer in a more sustainable, compassionate and collaborative future and work towards that every day through my work and life. I create in order to inspire and empower people to do the same.


2. What motivated you to start your zero-waste journey?


I have been vegan for 7 years and when you have a compassionate and non-hierarchical mindset it becomes clear that you must also reduce your damage to this planet through all means… and that’s when I began thinking of my impact on this planet holistically and decided to do something about it for the better.


3. What was the first change you made?


This is slightly difficult to answer because I’ve always felt connected to the earth and striven to do the best I can to protect her, first living vegetarian for 16 years, then going vegan once I found out about the abhorrent acts within the dairy industry and then looking at my plastic wastage. It’s not as linear as pinpointing one thing, it’s more of a continual growth mindset and making better choices today than you did yesterday.


4. What have you found hardest to give up?


The thing about self-education is that it becomes near impossible to miss something once you know what impact it has. I don’t miss anything I’ve ‘given up’ because it was never mine to take in the first place, and I am aware of what effect it’ll have on the planet once consumed. In this, I see the greater picture which only leads to empowerment and strength. there’s no room for regret here.


Blue ollis plastic free

Image courtsey of Blue Ollis


5. What's your favourite zero-waste swap?


It’s got to be making the swap from supermarkets to smaller green grocers and markets. When I choose local, small-business options I feel better about my contribution and the fruits and veggies are so much fresher, usually organic and a lot cheaper as well as not coming wrapped in toxic plastics! It feels great all-around.


6. What advice would you give someone just starting out on their zero-waste journey?


Enjoy it! Educate yourself, surround yourself with like-minded people whether that’s in person or online to keep the momentum going and remind yourself why it’s important to you to live this way.


7. What's next for you?


Continuing to spread knowledge, compassion and motivation through many mediums of online and offline work. I live to make, connect and learn!


8. Where can people find you?


You can find me on YouTube at, on my blog at and on Instagram at  


zero-waste reusable bag

Image courtesy of Blue Ollis 

Hope you enjoyed the interview guys, some great points raised by Blue im sure you'll agree.

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