The Soseas Story

August 07, 2018


The Soseas Story


Plastic is prolific; we use it every day generating our bodyweight in plastic waste every year. As I’ve discussed in a previous post, click here to read, plastic is exceptionally hazardous to our environment, and ultimately our health as chemicals such as phthalates and BPA make their way into our food chain and water supply.


As I see it a parallel effort is needed to address the problem of plastic pollution; government and industry investment in new technologies and research materials, banning the use of certain plastics and supporting a culture change in attitudes to plastic use. At the level of the individual, the small-scale adaptations that make a difference such as swapping plastic straws for metal, plastic toothbrushes for bamboo, getting involved in local clean-up projects and encouraging friends, family members and neighbours to do likewise.


Ultimately, these two changes originate from the same place, you! It’s our responsibility to implement changes at home and put pressure on large companies, governments and institutions to make a difference at a large scale.


But how can our voice be heard by these huge faceless corporations? The answer is the influence of money


For better or worse, our spending habits can influence corporations.


After taking note of consumers growing aversion to plastic straws, Starbucks has promised to ditch plastic straws. Would Starbucks have done this without looking at the way people are spending? No, they are a business after all!  (Side note: Starbucks have moved to make even plasticier cups)


With growing interest in plastic-free and low waste items I struck my Eureka moment & founded Soseas!


My aim with Soseas is simple, to produce high-quality science-backed alternatives to every day plastic household goods, with the sole aspiration of being part of the solution to the millions of tonnes of plastic waste that enter the environment and poison the planet. Phew!


This month, Soseas will release its first product, the Soseas Bamboo Toothbrush. It's a humble beginning, but we're very excited about it!


Our brush features:


  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • Made from naturally antibacterial bamboo
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, and made without the use of environmentally hazardous paint
  • Biodegradable handle
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Attractive minimalist design, with each brush featuring a cute Soseas narwhal
  • Ergonomic handle and contoured bristles ensure a comfortable and thorough clean
  • Bamboo/Nylon blend bristles, less plastic than other “eco” toothbrushes without compromising on brushing power
  • Each Soseas box contains four toothbrushes which equates to a years supply for one person or up to three months for a family of four


My plans for the future are big; with money made from the Soseas Bamboo toothbrush I plan to invest further in eco-friendly products, and research into new sustainable materials and methods to tackle plastic pollution using my scientific background.


But Soseas needs your help, you can be an eco-hero by joining forces with us. By buying a pack of Soseas Bamboo Toothbrushes, you are directly preventing four potentially hazardous plastic alternatives from entering the ecosystem. If everyone bought into the Soseas mission the 10,000 tonnes of plastic toothbrushes disposed of every year in the UK would be no more. Victory to team plastic-free!


To be the first to find out about our Bamboo Toothbrushes and receive a special limited launch offer by signing up to our mailing list, sign-up today and receive a bonus cheat-sheet on how to live plastic-free; we know it's a daunting task, but hopefully, your free cheat-sheet can make it that bit easier.

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