The problem with saran wrap

June 03, 2019 3 Comments

Not all plastics are evil, some plastics like those used in medical devices can be life saving, half of modern day cars are made from plastics clearly then if it wasn’t for plastics the world would be a very different place.

However, some plastics are more deserved of their negative reputation, plastics that are used once and discarded to persist in the environment as a pollutant for 100s of years. One such toxic pollutant is plastic wrap, aka saran wrap or cling film.

Saran wrap is typically used once before being disposed of making it single-use by the very definition and certainly one of the worst culprits of plastic pollution.

But the problems don’t stop there, saran wrap can also be somewhat toxic - most saran wrap are made from LDPE (low density polyethylene) but some wraps are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC brings with it a boat load of problems as it is inherently toxic due to the presence of Chlorines and should be avoided where possible.

When used to cover hot food the saran wrap can also leach a host of chemicals into your food of which little is still understood but the effects of some leachables such as BPA are already well known and make for grim reading.

Multiply these issues by the scale of its use (millions of rolls a year) and suddenly the problems with an innocuous kitchen item like plastic wrap become apparent.

So what's the alternative? Clearly an item like saran wrap is essential else it wouldn’t be used at the scale it is used at. One of the best eco-friendly alternatives comes in the form of wax wraps.

Enter the new Soseas wax wraps:

Soseas wax wrap

Soseas wax wraps are giving clingfilm the boot.

Sticking to our mission of replacing single-use plastic pollutants with earth-kind alternatives, we set about producing the best wax wraps you’ll get your hands on (we hope).

We carefully blended a propietary mix of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil to give the wax the perfect tacky, pliable and lasting adhesiveness making them able to wrap just about anything.

The cotton is GOTS certified organic and printed with a cute narwhal pattern in 3 pretty pastels, we took care to ensure the fabric dyes are non-toxic and look fab wrapping just about anything.

The triple pack comes in 3 versatile sizes, use the small wrap to cover half an avocado or piece of fruit, the medium can wrap a sandwich or block of cheese and the large can cover a bowel, wrap a bunch of salad leaves or most of a loaf of bread.

An additional benefit of our wax wraps is their imperviousness to moisture - they keep food fresher for longer than cling film meaning you’ll be wasting less food too.

If you’re ready to kick cling film to the curb and are looking for a more sustainable alternative, look no further than Soseas wax wraps. Click here to check them out on Amazon or head over to our own store.

That’s a wrap!

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June 08, 2019

We’ve just switched to wax wraps and have bought two packs of the Soseas wraps (needed two of the larger sizes for covering bowls) and feel confident about phasing it out at home. Would waxed paper work to stop cream developing a skin?


June 04, 2019


I wonder if theres a reusable silicon alternative? I find there’s so much single-use plastic waste in the laboratory I work in, I wish I knew of some alternatives!


June 04, 2019

I would agree and I’ve decreased my use of plastic wrap in our home but I also work in a bakery. It is essential to cover hot pastry cream with cling film to prevent a “skin”. It also has other uses that we use it for. Is there a other alternative for this?

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