How to Care for your Wax Wraps

July 28, 2019

Four tips to getting the most from your wax wraps

When we decided to make wax wraps, we tested quite a few samples looking for the perfect combination of size, cotton type, coating and durability. It was during this testing phase that we decided to add jojoba oil to the wax to improve stickiness and reduce the amount of time we had to spend "pre-warming" the wraps before use; one of those times when having a chemist in the Soseas family can come in useful!  Eventually, we settled on the product we have today—a pack of three in a variety of sizes with all three wraps larger than most those currently available, made with organic cotton, and a proprietary coating of wax, jojoba oil and resin.

  1. Storage
  2. Use
  3. Care
  4. Replacement


Once the wraps are dry (see Care), refold and store.We replace ours in the packet so that they tuck neatly into the ‘stuff’ draw. They take up very little space, not an issue in most kitchens but a factor in deciding to take them with us on a recent camping trip to the Highlands for wrapping sandwiches and flapjacks for hiking days in the mountains. Tip: don't worry if they begin to look a little creased after a few uses, fold, store and use as usual. The crease marks don't affect their functionality.



Wax wraps are not designed for use with uncooked meat or fish, but here's where Soseas' larger wrap sizes come in handy. Typically in our household, we would have used cling film to cover sandwiches, leftovers, raw produce, part-used ingredients such as avocado and tomatoes, and dough—pizza, bread, scones, and so on. The difference now that we've switched to wax wraps in the kitchen is that we put what we need to store in a glass container or bowl first and use the wraps to cover the dish. The large wax wrap can fit a dish big enough to hold one pound of dough.

Some people prefer to hold the wraps between the palms for their hands for a minute to 'warm' the wax and make it tacky. We tend to wrap first and then mould the wrap to the dish or food item. There's no wrong way, or right way to use a wax wrap, whichever way you choose to get it done is the best way for you.


When you're done, rinse in clean, lukewarm water and place somewhere cool to air-dry. Each pack comes with a care instructions insert, handy for house-guests new to wax wraps. As you can see, we leave our wraps on the pile of clean dishes to dry.


If you want your wax wrap looking fresher for longer you can always try giving it a refresh, check out the video below for a tutorial:


Nothing lasts forever, but plastic can persist in the environment for 400 years, and with about 80 million tonnes making its way into the oceans each year we all need to act today to reduce plastic waste. We’re nine months into our first pack of wraps; they’re in-use every day and still going strong, but when they do need replacing, it will be a simple decision to buy a new pack.

Oh, and hey, Soseas is offering customers a 12-month warranty with every purchase of Wax Wraps, check it out. Seriously fellow recovering plastic addicts, give them a try, what have you got to lose?

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