How To Be Eco Friendly At a Festival [5 Step guide]

July 06, 2019

Summer is here, and that means one thing, well one thing other than unseasonal rain (thanks global warming) - we are of course talking about festival season!

A time for music and memories, getting muddy with your mates and rationing toilet paper. But it’s not all good vibes, one of the biggest headliners at music festivals is waste. 

Its unmistakable, the sea of abandoned tents, the crunch of plastics cups under foot as you watch your favourite band. Despite all the good, festivals are not so eco-friendly.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, a bit of preparation and a few key swaps can be the difference between being a star of sustainability or a festival fail. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top swaps for you to make sure your summer is as fun and eco-friendly as possible.

Lets get into the list…

Swap #1 eco-glitter

Glitter is to a festival like UK is to rain (can you tell it’s raining over here), those tiny specks of sparkle you find on yourself for weeks after the festivities may seem harmless but they can actually be pretty deadly.

That’s because glitter is a microplastic, a toxic form of plastic that due to it’s size makes it pretty hazardous. It very easily finds its way into water systems where marine life consume it to devastating consequences.

The plastic which most glitter is made from is PET, most of which contains hormone disrupting chemicals which can leech out into your body during use.

Not a nice thought, instead switch a biodegradable cellulose based option to not let plastic ruin your sparkle!

bidoegradable glitter

Swap #2 bring your reusables

It’s no secret festivals are for most people a liquid diet and where there’s liquid there’s normally plastics straws. 

Plastic straws suck….

 It’s so true we put it on our straws carry case, one simple swap like bringing your own straws can seriously reduce the amount of waste you produce whilst at a festival.

Combine that with your own favourite reusable cup or bottle and you’re onto a winning waste fighting duo. 


Swap #3 Donate your tent

One of the most common sights at the end of a festival is the sea of abandoned tents, and whilst you may never want to revisit that cheap single-skin one man popup it doesn’t mean it should go to waste.

Many believe abandoned tents are collected and donated to the homeless and whilst this is true for a minority, the vast majority of tents will end up in landfill. If you have no use for your tent check to see where your festival recycling point is or search on twitter to see if there’s a collection for the homeless being supported.

Swap #4 Lift share

Chances are your festival of choice this summer isn’t at your local park and may be 100s of miles away. You can cut down on your emissions when heading out on the road by lift sharing with friends or searching for a party bus.

If you plan on travelling alone reach out to other revellers over facebook, not only is it a great way to cut down on emissions but an awesome way to make some new friends too!

car share eco friendly

Swap #5  Rethink fast festival fashion

Festivals are a time to let your imagination run free and express yourself without inhibition and with that often comes a transformation into a whacky garm wearer for a weekend. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for fast fashion, if you feel like letting out your artistic flare this summer do so sustainably!

Make your own, buy second hand and donate when you’re done!

There we have it, with these tips you’re armed to go out there and have an earth-friendly festival not only will your experience be more sustainable but it might just be more memorable too. 

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Sorry we don’t have any tips for the hangover!

eco friendly festival

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