24 Fruits and Vegetables You Can Grow From Scraps at Home

April 24, 2020

24 fruits and vegetables you can regrow from kitchen scraps

We hate food waste here at Soseas HQ, we’ve previously released a guide on eating more sustainably that included tips on reducing your food waste but we thought one particular technique was deserving of a post all of it’s own. 

That technique is regrowing fruits and vegetables from scraps that would otherwise go to landfill (or hopefully compost), this magic technique will have you throwing away less, growing your own fruit and vegetables and saving you money! It’s a triple threat! 

Let’s take a look at the top X fruits and vegetables you can regrow from scraps from home and how you can get started.


Many vegetables can be regrown from scraps, off cuttings and stems following a few simple steps. You’ll need some toothpicks, water and a few containers as well as pots and containers to repot your growing plants in with high quality soil to go along with them!

Re grow Celery from scraps

Celery is one of the easiest vegetables you can regrow at home, simply cut your celery at the base and leave in a bowl of warm water in direct sunlight for a week. After a week you should see fresh shoots sprouting, at this point you can plant your celery in soil where it will regrow into crunchy full length celery!


Re grow potatoes from scraps

Chunky pieces of potato skins or off cuts of potatoes can be regrown to full size potatoes. Simply leave your potato scraps out to dry overnight then plant them with the eyes facing up (the small indentations from which shoots grow). 

Regrow these potato scraps to full size potatoes in the same way you would potato seeds, regrowing potatoes is a bit more involved than some of the other fruits and vegetables on this list.

Re grow Avacado from the seed

Have your own home supply of Avacado for guacamole and avacado on toast on demand! Grab your Avacado seed, give it a wash and suspend it over a bowl/jar of water using toothpicks. Ensure the level of the water comes up to cover the bottom inch of the seed then leave your container in a warm place (but not direct sunlight) and check the water daily to make sure it stays topped up.

It can take up to 6 weeks for stems and roots to appear and once your plant starts to sprout leaves you can replant it in a pot. Make sure half the seed is exposed at all time and with a little TLC you’ll have your own avocado tree!

Re grow spring onions, leeks, garlic onions and shallots from scraps

Spring onions (scallions), leeks, garlic onions and shallots all belong to the same family of vegetables (alliums) and can all be regrown in the same way. Take a small section of the base with the roots attached and place in a shallow dish or jar in water. 

After a short amount of time new green shoots will grow which can be harvested after a while. This process can be repeated so you can have your own home supply of alliums.


Regrow peppers and chillis from the seeds 

You can regrow peppers and chillis from seeds with relative ease. Simply collect the seeds the next time you’re preparing chillis and peppers and plant them in soil and keep them in direct sunlight or plant them outside if they can be kept warm.

These pepper and chilli plants grow relatively quickly and don’t require much care, before long you’ll have your own pepper/chilli plant, once you’ve harvested your plant save some of the seeds to replant next time around and you’ll soon have your own crop of peppers/chillis!

Regrow Lettuce, Bok Choy and other Leafy Greens from scraps

Many leafy greens and lettuces will regrow from off cuts and stems, that means if you have a plant at home you can cut the tops of the leaves and the plant will regrow giving you another crop.

You can also regrow heads of lettuces and other leafy greens from by replanting the root part, as with other previous vegetables keep the rooty part of the plant in a shallow bowl of water, every few days mist the leaves and replace the water. Within a few weeks new roots and leaves will form and you move your plant to soil.

Regrow cabbages from scraps

You can regrow cabbages in the same as lettuces bok choy and leafy greens, use the the rooty base as above to regrow a cabbage from off cuts, it super easy!

and lots of sunlight so stick them in a greenhouse or bring them indoors during winter months.

Regrow basil, mint, cilantro and other leafy herbs from scraps

Leafy herbs such as basil, mint and cilantro etc can be regrown from off cuts and stems. Place the stem in a tall thin glass of water so that the bottom of the stem is submerged in water. Once the stem has developed roots that are a few inches long the plant can be potted in containers or planted in your garden.


You might be thinking that growing fruit from scraps is simple with all being required is replating of the seeds. Whilst this is true, technically, there is a few extra steps required that are essential to ensure you get the most out of replanting fruit seeds.

Regrow pineapples from the leafy top

You might think that growing pineapples is reserved for people living in the tropics, however, anyone can join in by suspending the leafy tops in water using toothpicks. Make sure to keep the plant in direct sunlight or you can move it outside during the day if you live in a warmer climate.

Once roots appear in about a week you can replant the pineapple into good quality potting soil, you can keep your plant outside if you live in warmer climes or inside in a warm spot with plenty of sunlight if you dont.

Regrow cherries from the seed

Granted regrowing a full size cherry tree will seem like a daunting task and could indeed take you 7 to 10 years if you fancy having a go follow the guide below.

Store your seeds in potting soil with the lid on in the fridge for 12 weeks to allow them to germinate then plant outside in soft soil in the autumn or spring ensuring the soil is deep with good drainage and there is plenty sun and ventilation.

Regrow citrus like lemons and limes indoors from the seed

Much like the previous point a full size citrus tree might take a while to grow but you can grow a dwarf tree even indoors in colder climates in a few easy steps.

Make sure you clean and dry your seed prior to planting and transfer your plant to a larger pot as it grows, you should get fruit in a few years if you look after your plant.


Regrow plums, nectarines and peaches from the stone

You can regrow plums, peaches and nectarines from the stones in the same way whilst it will take a few years for the trees to bear fruit you can grow trees by giving the stones a clean and planting in nutrient rich soil with plenty of sunlight.

With some TLC you’ll have your own plum, peach or nectarine trees in a few years.

Regrow melon from the seeds

You can regrow your own melons at home from the seeds. Scoop out the seeds and the gelatinous gloop that surrounds them, then add your seeds to water ensuring you cover the seeds leaving an inch of headspace with water, cover and wait for 4-5 days.

After 4-5 days your seeds will ferment and go moldy, give them a wash and you’ll have your seeds ready for drying and planting!

Honeydew melons take 65-100 days to mature from germinated seeds.

Regrow tomatoes from the seeds

As with chillis and peppers you can regrow tomatoes from the seeds in the center of the fruit. Give the seeds a wash and dry them over night then plant in rich potting soil and allow the plants to reach a few inches in growth before replanting them outdoors.

Tomato plants love the warmth and should be planted in a greenhouse where they get plenty of sun.

There we have it 24 fruits and vegetables you can grow at home from scraps and seeds, give them a go and you can have your own organic produce at home and reduce your food waste to boot!


grow fruits and veges at home from scraps

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