7 Benefits of Bamboo Toothbrushes

March 23, 2021

It’s no surprise that plastic toothbrushes are a topic source of plastic pollution when you check out the stats.

With an estimated 1 billion plastic toothbrushes being thrown away annually in the US alone it’s clear that a more sustainable alternative is required.

Queue the humble bamboo toothbrush..

As always nature has the answer and the bamboo toothbrush is no exception, that’s why in this post we’re going to list the top x benefits of swapping to a bamboo toothbrush.

Let’s get into the post.

#1 Bamboo is super sustainable

Did you know bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and can grow a whopping 90cm a day! This coupled with the fact that it is a low footprint cop with low water demands and that it doesn’t require any pesticides make it a super sustainable crop.


So much so that bamboo is often touted as one of the most sustainable materials around!

#2 Bamboo is compostable

One of the biggest problems with pesky plastic toothbrushes is that they persist in the environment for 100s of years. Whilst in the environment they break up (not down) into smaller plastic fragments which can be hazardous to wildlife and can make their way into our foodchain and drinking water.

Luckily bamboo is the exact opposite, it can be composted at home and will biodegrade over time leaving nothing behind!


Making bamboo the perfect choice for a compostable toothbrush...


#3 Bamboo toothbrushes are beautiful

Okay so this one might be sort of subjective, but, if you’re anything like us you’ll agree that objects made from natural materials have that beautiful natural appeal that mass produced plastic items just don’t.


bamboo toothbrushes beautiful

So much so, we’ve decided to highlight the natural beauty of this wooden toothbrush by hand carving it to reveal the beautiful bamboo underneath.

#4 Bamboo is lightweight

Bamboo is a naturally lightweight material which brings 2 key benefits:

  1. It is less energy intensive to ship bamboo products meaning there is less impact in shipping bamboo products out to customers when compared to more heavy materials
  2. It makes it great to hold and use and travel with.

#5 Bamboo is naturally antibacterial

Remember when we mentioned how bamboo is a rapidly growing plant? Well this is thanks in part to bamboo’s anti-microbial properties.

Bamboo naturally fights off common microbes, making it a particularly hardy and successful plant. It also carries these antimicrobial properties through after it is processed from manufacturing.

This means your sustainable toothbrush is naturally fighting off bacteria in your mouth! Pretty neat…

#6 You’re supporting sustainable businesses

Much like ourselves our manufacturing partners have sustainability front of mind with their bamboo products.

They are made from a natural, organic form of bamboo known as “mosu bamboo” which is highly unsustainable (and no it doesn’t deprive pandas of their food).

By purchasing bamboo products from a company like ours you’re helping to support a growing industry of sustainable products!

#7 Bamboo toothbrushes are vegan friendly

This one may seem obvious and you may be asking well aren’t all toothbrushes vegan friendly?

In principle! However, some products large manufacturers of plastic toothbrushes make (including materials used in toothbrushes) are often tested on animals making them non-cruelty free!


Our brushes are bristles are certified 100% vegan making them the perfect choice for everyone.


If you’re looking to swap your plastic polluting toothbrush for a eco friendly toothbrush you’ll want to give a bamboo toothbrush ago.

These humble bamboo brushes are taking the world by storm, and for good reason. They’re eliminating plastic toothbrushes one by one and providing a more sustainable, zero waste and toxin-free alternative for you and your family.

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