5 Reasons You Should Use Wax Wraps

November 08, 2020 1 Comment

So you want to ditch clingfilm and you’re doing some research on the alternatives, there’s plenty out there from humble tinfoil to silicone stretch lids and wax wraps. We’re writing this post today to make the case for switching to wax wraps as the most sustainable, natural option available as an alternative to toxic cling wrap.

So if you want to find out more, read on. We’ve compiled the top 5 reasons to switch to wax wraps.

Cling wrap is an eco disaster

Cling film is hugely popular with 5.3 million Americans using 10 rolls or more a year, this amounts to 53 million rolls which is equivalent to the best part of 100,000 miles! This is pretty shocking in itself but add to the fact that cling film is totally unrecyclable and when it ends up in landfill it can release a highly toxic chemical called dioxin and it’s clear it’s time to say goodbye to toxic cling film (and hello to wax wraps).

Wax wraps help your food last longer

Wax wraps are coated with just that, wax. Wax is impervious to moisture and a great barrier to air, this is important as it helps preserve the food wrapped underneath. When you wrap your food item in your wax wrap it acts as a protective barrier against moisture and air, this stops your food oxidising so quickly keeping it fresher for longer - salad leaves stay crisp for weeks when stored in beeswax wraps and your avocados won’t go brown!



Wax wraps save on waste

A wax wrap lasts at least 1 year (although many last longer with care) meaning you save the equivalent of 1 years worth or clingfilm per wrap. This means using an average sized wrap you can save up to 500+ meters of clingfilm a year!

Wax wraps save money

Piggybacking off the last point switching to wax wraps can also save you money. The average family uses 24 rolls of cling film a year at an average price of £1.25 this is equivalent to £30 or two packs of wax wraps. Soseas wax wraps last years (with care), but even only lasting 1 year you would save £15 per year, ker ching!

Wax wraps look pretty

Reducing waste definitely isn’t about the aesthetics, but let's be honest when it comes to food appearance definitely does matter. Seeing that boring old sandwich wrapped up in clingfilm at work might not tickle your tastebuds but our cute Narwhal patterns are certain to be a hit!


Soseas Organic Cotton Beeswax Wraps

So there you have it, 5 great reasons to use wax wraps. Are you going to make the switch? If so why not try our Soseas wax wraps, rated 5 star with an extended warranty there’s never been a better time to ditch cling film and say hello to more sustainable wrapping!

5 Reasons To Use Wax Wraps

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Loretta Vandenberg
Loretta Vandenberg

November 14, 2020

I’ve been transitioning to wax wraps for awhile and I love it. I’ve also learned out to renew them with bees wax so I never have to throw them out. Its difficult to believe that an average of 10 to 24 rolls of cling film a year. I used to maybe use 2 a year. 😊

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