13 Sustainable Hobbies To Make The World A Better Place

May 25, 2020 1 Comment

If you’re using lockdown as an opportunity to take on new hobbies and learn new things look no further, we’ve compiled 13 of our favourite sustainable hobbies you can try to not only find something you enjoy but also make the world a better place!


1. Local beach clean


Beach cleans have gained popularity in recent times and they’ve never been so important. It is estimated 80% of all trash in our oceans (which is a lot) comes from beaches. 

All you need is some gloves a bag to collect the rubbish and some elbow grease, so there’s never been a better time to get outdoors, meet like minded people and do the world some good.


2. Get Ecobricking

We’ve written about ecobricking before, check out our full guide here. In essence ecobricking is collecting plastic rubbish in a bottle which can then be used as a building material.


eco bricking

It sounds strange and isn’t without it’s problems, but if you fancy giving it a go and putting your trash to good use check out the guide here.


3. Get into gardening

Gardening is a great pass time to get into with a host of health benefits, gardening has been demonstrated to reduce stress and improve health! It can also serve as a noble pass time in pursuing sustainability.

Gardening if done correctly can provide a refuge for wildlife as well as a source of high quality organic produce for you and your family!

If you're looking to refurbish your garden, check out this post for a great guide!


4. Learn to repair items

Being able to repair common household items is a very useful skill to have. Not only can it save you money but it can be very satisfying repairing something that’s broken and giving it a second lease of life.

Not to mention repairing items that would otherwise be destined for landfill is as sustainable as it gets, remember the key principles of reuse, repair recycle!


5. Become a bee keeper

Beekeeping, if done correctly, can be a hugely sustainable pursuit and help with the promotion of local ecology. If not it can be a detriment to local bee populations, if you are interested in becoming a sustainable beekeeper make sure you do the research first.


bee keeping


If you do decide beekeeping (sustainably) is for you, it can be a fruitful endeavour for you and bees!


6. Take up cycling

Cycling is certainly a healthy pursuit! This low impact sport can transform or boost your fitness and become highly addictive, but is it really sustainable?

Well by replacing car journeys with cycling you could be seriously reducing your carbon foot print. Even a short commute of 5 miles a day can save 100s of gallons of fuel being consumed over the course of a year.

Add to this the huge saving you can make by switching your method of commuting to biking and it’s pretty clear that cycling is a winner on all fronts!


7. Knitting/crocheting

Fast fashion has fallen under scrutiny in recent years and rightly so! This hugely polluting industry is responsible for a great deal of global warming and highly unethical treatment of workers.


You can tackle this issue at home and take up a new fruitful hobby by trying knitting/crocheting. This is a great way to make your own clothing and accessories and therefore reduce the impact that would have arisen from purchasing fast fashion clothing!


8. Volunteer with local green charities

Volunteering is a proven way to maintain your wellbeing, not only that but by volunteering for a sustainable cause you can also do your bit to help the environment. 

Have a search on google of your local green charities and enquire to find out ways you can get involved and make a difference!


10. Make your own homemade toiletries

One look at the ingredients list on your most frequently used toiletries can be pretty mind boggling, many toiletries contain a whole host of unnecessary, non eco-friendly and often toxic ingredients.

Don’t despair though, many of your favourite toiletries can be made at home from a few simple ingredients. It’s so rewarding making your own moisturisers, toothpastes, deodorants and more! 

Give it a try, if you’re wondering where to start we have a super simple homemade toothpaste recipe that’s worth a try!


11. Get into composting

If there’s one thing we hate at Soseas HQ it’s waste! One huge source of waste is food scraps that result from preparing food and spoiled food. You can put your food/garden scraps to good use by making your own compost at home!


planting seeds

We’ve produced an easy guide on getting started on composting at home you can check out here, the compost can be put to great use in your own garden or can be donated to your local authority if you have no place to use it.


12. Take up upcycling

Upcycling is the act of taking waste, useless and unwanted items and transforming them into products of higher value.

In a nutshell it’s turning trash into treasure, it’s as sustainable as a hobby can get and it can also be very fun and rewarding. Common products of upcycling include furniture, clothing and other textiles but really your imagination is the limit here!

Give it a try, all you need is your imagination and some waste materials to get started.


13. Get out in nature

Getting out in nature has huge benefits for your physical and mental health, with a study reporting that people spending 2 hours a week or more in green spaces (including urban parks and green areas) reported an increase in physical and mental wellbeing.

Getting in nature also has an indirect effect on the environment, being in green spaces helps you to keep in touch with nature and work towards acts of sustainability!

There we have our 12 top hobbies you can pursue to not only keep yourself busy and find new passions and pursuits but that can also be a positive benefit to the environment too, if you have any more eco-friendly hobbies or interests share them in the comments below!

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